I hope you like this post. It may be the last thing I ever type.

Well, you probably won’t get that lucky. 🙂

Yesterday I made a late, but great, soup. It was like my Garden Stew, only with hamburger instead of stew meat, cabbage instead of corn or beans. It was delicious. I dug the last of the carrots to put in it, some red potatoes from my garden plot, just divine. I made a lot. I filled my 16-quart stockpot for the occasion.

As is my habit sometimes, instead of refrigerating it (it had a lot of heat within), I covered it and left it on the stove. Sometimes I keep it at a simmer, but sometimes I just count on the earlier boiling to take care of it. I didn’t simmer it, but knew I’d be serving it up again today, so I wasn’t worried about it.

In the midst of baking pumpkin and cookies, I got a bit delayed, so didn’t turn the heat back on until later in the afternoon. It simmered up nicely and I dished it out to the girls and myself, as Hubby had been called on an off-season service call this morning, and the quick fix turned into an 11-hour day. At my first bite, I was a bit perplexed. It tasted… vinegary. I cocked my head to recollect Hubby’s comment the night before; “put some vinegar in it. It’s good that way.” Had he been so bold as to season the whole pot? I didn’t think I much cared for it, if he had. I tried calling him on his cell phone, but he didn’t answer. The girls weren’t too thrilled with today’s flavor either, but there were cookies to be had if they finished their dinner. I commiserated with them and we pondered if Daddy had abused our meal.

After the girls were finished (and I mostly), Hubby managed to call and say he was headed home. I told him I had a very, very important question to ask, and did he happen to add vinegar to the soup this morning?

He had not.


He’d had some in his thermos for lunch, but said it tasted fine. He did add vinegar to his thermos, though. Then he recalled the difficulty he’d had in opening the thermos, and that it had been under considerable pressure when the seal finally released.


He feels fine, though, and figures we’ll be okay as well. This really shouldn’t be too much to handle; we brew kombucha and kefir and yogurt and all sorts of bacterially-enhanced things. Why should hamburger soup be any different? *gulp*