Saturday, after a long day of errands, I was at a loss for dinner. We’d eaten the wonderful lasagnas from the freezer, and the split pea soup doesn’t hold quite the same excitement (plus, we’d had that recently too). The turkey bones were a long way from soup, and I had penance to do for buying a pizza (yes, a store-bought, nitrate-filled, nasty, killer pizza – and it was SOOO good) for a late lunch to feed my starving offspring (not Baby, she had yogurt).

The night before (which I think ended up split pea night) I had tried to dig in the chest freezer (but you can’t get very far, it’s so full!), and came across an easily-accessible package of beef liver. I’d instructed the butcher that we wanted that, being as it was from a wonderful grass-fed critter and Nourishing Traditions encouraged such things. I’d hit a road block that night, because NT called for ‘soaking’ the liver in lemon juice for several hours to ‘improve flavor and draw out impurities’. Well, I’m all for good flavor and less impurities, so I let it defrost. By the time we got home on Saturday, I decided to have a go at it. It had been years since I’d eaten the stuff. But – being so full of enzymes or minerals or omega-3 fats, I was sallying forth with determination.

I juiced 2 lemons and layered the freaky slices of liver in a bowl with juice in/on everything. Come dinnertime, I patted it dry, as per the instructions, and dredged it in flour (barley flour, since I’m holding off on wheat for Organique) and fried it in.. lard, bacon grease (I’m pretty sure NT would disapprove), coconut oil – I might’ve used sunflower oil at some point as well. It really soaked up the fat. I also sliced a big sweet onion and sauteed it (in a mixture of olive oil and butter), and steamed some peas and corn. Then I served it to my adoring family.

They weren’t adoring for long. Hubby had never actually had liver and onions, and remarked, “I see why they always eat it with onions.” Indeed, after a few bites of liver a la carte, I started eating it with the onions, for remarkable improvement. The girls were not so easily convinced. It really was strong stuff. Interestingly, they did eat all their onions. Organique ate a bite or two, but eventually started giving me dirty looks and letting the stuff fall out of her mouth each time I tried to give her some. She stuck with the peas and corn, mostly.

So. Hubby did choose a liver sandwich for lunch on Sunday, because we, for once, had plenty of leftovers. And we are brainstorming other ways to give our bodies the great nourishment that this provides, without the, um, sacrifice of actually tasting it. Any ideas? Can I grind it up and mix it with hamburger to make meatloaf? Could I use the juice of, say, 40 lemons and exponentially ‘improve the flavor?’ We have several packages in the freezer, and it seems wrong to feed such healthy fare to the chickens. Give me your best recipes. πŸ™‚