Last week, while in town to pick up a fifty gallon water heater, I decided to get the ironing board I’d been needing, since I was hauling the Green Monster and all. Now, before you jump to conclusions, no, I don’t iron. Except when I’m sewing. Which I’ve been.

I went to Costco, to get the iron I’d been drooling over as well, which, of course, they were out of. So I bought the cheap but still-way-better-than-the-$5-one-I-bought-for-college-12-years-ago Sunbeam iron. Right next to the iron were the carseats, one of which I’d been passing by every week with a slow pace and lingering glance. It’s the Cosco Alpha Omega seat, which can be rear-facing for little babes, a regular carseat for toddlers, and a belt-positioning booster for the big ‘uns.

We already have one of these, but, well, I bought it used, off Ebay (about $75), when Big Sister was about 6 months old. That would be early 2002. We’ve since bought booster seats and such as she grew, handing the older ones down to Little Artist, but that Ebay castoff had seen it’s day (and crumbs, and mashed-in raisins, leaky diapers, vomit, etc). I’d been thinking on replacing it for some time, but the original $117 pricetag was a bit steep.

In recent weeks, it had dropped to about $100, but there were always other expenses crowding it out. This time, however, the bright red marker on the pricetag caught my eye. “Display only” it read, and the $99.97 price crossed out and “$75-” written in it’s place. Well, since I’d already blown the budget with a $350 water heater, not to mention the ironing board and iron, I figured another $75 wouldn’t be much noticed. So we plopped that display model into the basket (where Little Artist enjoyed a most comfortable tour of Costco) and swiped the magnetic pricetag off the steel shelf.

We are blessed, and looking forward to Organique confirming the “22+ pound” status so we can just install it front-facing.