There are few things in this world that make me feel the way I felt about my Garden Stew the other day. It was a delightful mixture of satisfaction with a (hard) job well-done, joy that everything was completely free of dangerous chemicals, — and that with a minimal pricetag — and the happy tastebud-dance-inducing deliciousness when I sat down to eat with my family.

To make it, I spent a few hours digging potatoes, picking corn, carrots, and onions. That was hard work, lemme tell ya. I need a potato harvester, but I’m pretty sure I could buy organic potatoes for sixteen decades for the price of one, so I probably will do without. Then, I removed a couple packages of grass-fed stew meat (beef) from the freezer.

I did not put the tomatoes in it, but they looked nice for the picture. 🙂

I made it in 2 pots, because I’m lusting after a new, GOOD stockpot, but I have to drive to town to get it on a weekday, which I haven’t done. Maybe Thursday. My current stockpot was $11 or less, and the bottom is approximately the thickness of tin foil. It bows outward when heated, and causes the center 1 1/2 inches to burn. Even if all I’m cooking is water, it’ll burn. I swear. So – I’ve had it. I also don’t like using 2 pots. It’s hard to make sure all the meat is fairly apportioned, let alone the salt and potatoes and whatnot.

When I was done, after patting myself on the back enough to make myself choke, everything in it was ‘good’ for me, and except for the beef and seasonings, it was all grown right here. I was really impressed with myself, which is probably not a good thing. It’s not like my toilets get scrubbed, or the floors mopped while I’m tending to my silly garden for months. And it’s only by God’s grace that plants actually grow and all. And that they didn’t succumb to the wind.

This corn had an interesting kernel. I’m not sure why. This is a hybrid sweet corn. It was planted somewhat near my open-pollinated popcorn, though… And bizarre kernel or not, it was SUCH a wonderful addition to the stew. I’m all inspired to go make more today.

I’m not even sure what to say about this carrot:

Peeling it wasn’t exactly a job well done.