I don’t know what it is about this element of my life. I love it, but I’m not sure why. I LOVE hanging out laundry, especially diapers. While doing it, I ponder the possibilities.

Is it because they’re all nice rectangles, and they satisfy my mathematical/spatial side? The way they share clothespins at the exact same distances? Is it because they’re (mostly) white and clean? Perhaps because the relative quiet and repetition of the job relaxes me? Maybe how the damp diapers contrast with the heat of summer? The way the evening light hits them and they glow? Or because they represent so much… saving money, caring for my sweet baby, my role as a mother, the privilege of serving this way in this season. Maybe it’s their sheer simplicity and lovely old-fashioned-ness. I’m the only people I know of that use these antiquated things, and I love it. Whatever it is (and I think it’s all of these, combined), I’m fascinated that something that I always understood to represent thankless drudgery (“spent her life scrubbing diapers…”) is actually a tremendous blessing and joy in reality.