I enjoyed meeting with the Organic Garden Club last week, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset walk through my friend’s garden. She’s an older lady, an immigrant, and I wish I had half her energy! I find myself wanting so badly to ‘produce’ like she does, even if it only feeds us.

Not only does she have the regular vegetable garden, but an amazing greenhouse with tomatoes that reach the roof. She winters her sheep in there, so the soil is amazing. She has 3 beehives, and a little honey shed for extraction. Her orchard is producing wonderfully, with apples of many kinds, peaches, plums, and I think cherries (they bore already). She has grapevines. Ducks. Chickens. A milk cow, for heaven’s sake. Even a place to hang and process their own meat.


Will I ever be able to do so much? Half as much? I can’t keep up with the morning glory, let alone the housekeeping these days. Is it bad when you have to drop the word “mopping” from your vocabulary and replace it with “chiseling?” The broom sometimes needs to be upgraded to a snow shovel around here.

And have you priced raspberries? I just want to have everything I need, you know. And everything I want (for free and/or cheap). Is that so bad? Berries and fruit trees, edible critters, a milk cow and a milk maid, fences, gates, sheds, and irrigation ditches. I think those are the key.

Ok, now I will go pray.

To overcome my envy, and maybe, just a little bit, I’ll pray for raspberries.