That’s it; I’ve had it. I’m leaving you all.

For a little while anyway.

I have had a gun put to my head while someone twisted my arm behind my back and I’ve agreed to go camping.

I know, I’m out of my mind.

With as many potato bugs and squash bugs as I’m fighting, the last thing I need to do is go cook and clean and mother my children somewhere without a washing machine or bathtub or electricity.

Oh, and did I mention my husband won’t be there? At least not for the greater part. He and five others are going backpacking and I’ll be awaiting their return (and be sure I have biscuits and gravy waiting, I’m told) with my three young’ns, my half-blind grandmother, and my pregnant sister-in-law. Where’s that gun training and conceal & carry permit when I need it??? No, not to fend off the blind or pregnant among us, but to protect them. I’m feeling the burden of this trek already.

I’ve spent an absolutely unreal amount of money and time and effort to get this off the ground, and I’m sure we’ll have fun, but a small part of me wishes I could just stay home and feed squash bugs to the poultry.

You never know, maybe the poultry will survive and the garden pests will die. Probably the other way around, though.

So, I’ll be scarce this week. And if I hadn’t been menu-planning and shopping and pre-cooking, and sewing and borrowing coolers and registering my green monster, I’d have post-dated a bunch of fun posts for while I”m gone. Heck, I’d have written a bunch of real-time posts these past two weeks!

And when I return, after I’ve climbed out from beneath a monstrous laundry pile, I’ll try to gather my twitching brain cells and put together another worthwhile read (okay, so they’re not usually worthwhile. Humor me.).