Girls are sugar and spice and all that, right? Pink, and dresses, and ribbons and tea parties. I’m not a very frilly girl, and my girls aren’t overboard either, but they’re definitely into dollies and doilies.

So why am I having to deal with weird bugs being left in jars… in my house? Mothers of girls should never witness their darling cherub tearing the head from a grasshopper in the garden. Should they? Yes, praying mantis are good… but do we have to pick them up, even if they’re little and unlikely to attack? I just don’t like fondling worms. I don’t like to talk about spiders at the dinner table, and I should not be stain-treating muddy clothes three times daily. I especially don’t like hearing about the amount of blood (or whatever is inside them) that shoots out from a Colorado Potato Beetle when you mash it. My four-year-old said, “I like to break beetles.”

Good grief.

They like to watch the cat toy with and munch mice, or catch and chew a writhing snake. At Hubby’s company barbecue at The Country Club, they were cradling and petting something small… “What do you have there?” I asked. “A snail!” they exclaimed. I looked closer at their pet and made an exclamation of my own. “That’s not a snail, that’s a slug! Ewww!!! Yuck! Put it down!

I think Little Artist is scarred from the incident. My reaction. Not the slug snuggling.

I don’t mean to assume that this is what mothers of boys go through. Lord help us, if my girls are this bad, I can’t imagine how boys are. How do you survive mothering sons? I’m not sure I’m going to survive these not-so-girly girls…