Another interesting post from a former FLDS member. This one by his cousin (also former member, apparently). I am amazed and somewhat bewildered. IF their writings are true… to think that everything we “know” about this cult could be wrong in this age of instant information is astonishing.

Here’s a pdf of a Bishop’s Record taken about a year ago. Apparently a census-type record, showing heads of household, wives, children, ages and locations. Some things I found interesting:

  • Several monogamous (so far, anyway) households – about one third of the families listed – one man, one wife, some or no children. At least one is a middle aged couple (late 30s) with several children.
  • Several infants (7 months or younger) have yet to be named. Listed as “Baby Boy” or the like. Do they wait for a “personality” to be expressed before settling on a name?
  • A couple wives and children from the lists have their location listed as “Hiding” or “House of Hiding.”
  • Some heads of household have someor all of their wives/children in other locations. While I take issue with this under the realm of ‘fatherhood’ (or lack thereof), it’s hardly illegal.
  • The youngest wives appear to be no younger than 16. There were no obvious ‘absurdly young’ mothers. Some families didn’t list which children belonged to which wife, so it’s possible they’re there, but none were apparent. I would however, love to talk to the 19-year-old married to the 56-year-old. Yikes.
  • One old guy, 67, has himself a pile of wives, several of which have long names. Eva Heaton Johnson Jessop Nielson, for example. She is 79 (12 years older than her husband) and I find myself wondering if she was perhaps widowed (once or more) and ‘reassigned’ as we hear of so often. Which brings up an interesting question; whose wife will she be in the Celestial Heaven? His youngest wife (24) also has an extra surname or two, so…
  • Lots of Johnsons, no Smiths. 🙂