The girls and I had a good trip. My dad chauferred us home yesterday, and headed back in his own car this morning. When my mom came last week, it took her 11 hours to drive it alone. With the kids it was more like 14 hours, but we stopped a lot to let the kids run around and to nurse/change Baby. Dad is more likely to follow the speed limit, but less inclined to make long stops frequently. He sure got his workout with the girls chasing him at rest areas though!

It was spring-ier there, but wet and soggy.

Here, still no spring.

They expect a temperature of 70 this weekend. *guffaws*

Today I awoke to snow and a COLD house.

I’m thinking I inadvertently stayed 8 months instead of five days, and am in the midst of December now. It’s not very Christmas-ey though, which is what makes December’s snow so cozy.