Okay, this is NOT a political blog, but sometimes I can’t help it. This guy just can’t quit… First, he stopped the Illinois legislature from voting to allow medical treatment for partial-birth abortion survivors, then helped write the Mothers Act, now this:

He doesn’t want teenagers (who are having unwedded sex) to be “punished with a baby.” He follows that up with not wanting them to be “punished with an STD.”


Babies, STDs, they’re both such over-the-top punishments, you know.

In *my* world they’re called consequences, and consequences can be good or bad. If you sin, and are expecting a child that you’re not equipped to raise, someone out there is praying for a child to raise. That child is NOT a punishment, it’s a blessing (ask God).

Too bad Bible wasn’t preached at his 20-year church, eh? Maybe he’d have heard that by now.