Because, you know, I just wasn’t sure.

I’ve been without my right arm kitchen for a few days, and it was a challenge. More on that later.

I went to the local grocery store last night, in search of… anything, really. I think I was there to buy bread, but just really needed to find something else. Something to satisfy my heart as well as my appetite.

Hubby wanted corn chips. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Well, that’s not true, because I’d bought corn chips the day before. Cheap, likely-genetically-modified corn chips. I guess I couldn’t do it twice in one weekend. So I wandered the aisles in my hand-me-down Danskos, fuzzy crocheted scarf covering my pinned-up hair (mostly) and searched for something. I perused and browsed and felt a little bit like you do when you visit a foreign-speaking country. Nothing was familiar, safe, known.

I turned down another aisle and came upon a small selection of Kashi brand crackers! My heart warmed with kinship, and then my brain was astonished. What is this? Have I somehow ‘crossed over’ into something? I don’t buy Kashi stuff; I don’t even keep up with what Kashi makes (I thought they were cereal or something). But it was like wandering around Siberia and running into another American, even if they were from New York or something. At least you speak the same language.

Adjectives in the ingredients like, “expeller-pressed” and “non-GMO” and “long grain brown”.


I recognize you.

I know you.

WHAT’S wrong with me???