Stacy McDonald has a wonderful post about whether or not Christian parents are helping ‘evangelize the lost’ when their children attend public school. The post is well done, including references and links to support her point, as well as dozens of helpful resources to help parents make these decisions. What struck me even more was the comments on it; while some debate occurred, there was a surprising amount of ‘testimonials’ from both parents and children whose lives were in some way touched (for the worse) for the decision to send children to school. Whether it was parents losing their children’s hearts, siblings whose relationships grew distant, or children who were drawn into much sin and heartache, it’s enough to give a parent serious pause.

At the very least, we can not and should not abdicate the responsibility of raising our children. Whatever decisions we make need to be made thoughtfully and prayerfully. We don’t get do-overs when it comes to raising the next generation!

A great discussion follows in the comments, including how and what kind of whole grain/sugar substitutes would be appropriate in baking.