I’ll be writing more later on the whole “liberty” idea.

A year and some ago, when I started this blog, it was mostly about my ‘farming’ endeavors. I have enjoyed some setbacks and surprises, and decided I should type them here while I can still remember them. Maybe include some future plans…

A year ago we had our two pigs and 30 or so chickens, I broke the bank purchasing seed from catalogs and making crazy plans for a garden (crazy because I was going to be giving birth right around harvest time, but continued with the plans anyway).

Our pigs didn’t manage to behave well enough to help the field in ways I’ve read they could.

Our boar had some ‘manhood issues’ that prevented us from using him for breeding (or selling him as such) and we ate him.

Our gilt was eventually eaten as well.

We raised some cornish-cross broilers who were suicidal, so fewer made it to the freezer.

Our flock of egg-producers was decimated by some dogs. We have yet to determine whose they were.

The tomatoes wouldn’t ripen, and all the carrots I planted were prohibited by Hubby’s diet. They’re still in the garden. Hubby’s diet also prevented him from enjoying much of Zeke or Trudy, and since it’s illegal to sell or give non-usda-processed pork to others (by the cut), feel free to sneak in, raid our freezer, and pin a few bucks to the door. That freezer costs a lot to run.

Things to do differently this year:

Order started pullets to replace the egg-layers by May.
Change up garden completely; fence dog into a pen or fence garden away from dog.
Offer the field to an organic or semi-natural farmer to rent for cheap.
Establish wind-safe area in garden for started plants.

Anything else? I’m sure, but the baby’s needing her Mama…