As though placemats weren’t enough (I know, I know), the Ladies of the Homes also received a handbag. Two of them received one of these. I got the instructions from Happythings, and she calls it “the Mama Backpack.” I don’t have a photo to show the whole thing in it‘s finished state, but you can click the link above to get an idea. For the outer fabric, I used a durable brown denim-type fabric. I’m not sure if it was indeed denim or not, but it was quite similar. The linings were a satin-feel fabric, and the one shown here was my favorite. VERY smooth and the design was fun. I used a wide, flat nylon cord for the drawstrings instead of the round braided kind. I hoped this would ‘dig in’ less on shoulders or hands (depending on how one chose to carry it). The side tabs near the bottom were grommet-ed (is that a word?), which was a real trick through all the layers of heavy fabric I used. I ran into a problem with the bottom; the bottom panel is quilted with some batting, but you do the quilting before you cut out the oval shape! The directions clearly state that and I clearly didn’t read them clearly. Is that clear?

These took a bit of time, but they’re very handy. There are inner pockets along the lining for cell phone, pen, etc, and this is one of my “finalists” for a diaper bag I would like to make. I have a great diaper bag fabric, and about 3 or 4 possible bag patterns I might like for it. This one would be handy because it can hang on the back like a backpack, keeping hands free for everything else my hands need to do. I still need to make the other patterns (with other fabrics) before making up my mind, of course. I thought these bags were really versatile, and I hope their recipients enjoy them as much as I would have (had I kept one!). I seem to often fall in love with these homemade things and want them for myself! Is that bad?