I recalled an incident today, that made me chuckle all over again. It was about a year ago, probably the same season, since I was in the sewing room. Big Sister was somewhere nearby. She was 5 at the time, and I’d been training her on proper telephone etiquette. Hubby was downstairs watching Dirty Jobs – we still had satellite tv back then.

The phone rang, and I didn’t have one handy, so decided to let the answering machine get it as opposed to extricating myself from the Machine. I overheard my daughter answering the phone in the next room, and quieted my sewing to listen.

“Mama is upstairs with me and [Little Monkey], but she’s busy sewing.”

“No Daddy is busy too. He’s downstairs watching… something dirty.”

“Hello? Hello?”

“Mama, they hung up.”

Nothing like being Salt and Light to telemarketers!