I’ve long since noticed an interesting phenomenon. It seems Osama Bin Laden hides in every Nativity I’ve seen. I have two Nativities (Nativitys?), and he resides in both: Interestingly, the first day we had this set out, Big Sister was adding some “decorations” and gently knocked Osama over, where his head promptly detached and rolled across the stable floor. Hubby managed to reattach it, but the donkey’s ear and other Wise Guy’s hand and gift are still in Nativity ER. This Osama is from my other, larger and fancier Nativity. I would not be so non chalant if this Nativity started losing body parts, so this year it remains in the closet. Where it has been since Little Monkey became mobile. I need to build a high shelf. Very high. This, I believe, is a more “recent” Osama. He’s definitely got that aged look about him, and while his turban looks as though it’s been spending some cave-time, his clothes are a little shmancier than I would imagine.

Update: The Wise Guy with the broken hand looks to be of African descent. Hubby has tagged him “Obama.”