I’ve always purposed to be pretty anonymous on this blog. I don’t write about local events or politics, I don’t advertise my city or state, and no one knows what I look like (unless you already do, of course). Partly because I know People Eating Tastey Animals would read everything with a “hubby” tag and start following my husband as he drives his work truck (with gun rack – gotta love a red state) around during the day.

That and I’m just paranoid about psychos that might see my children. With that in mind, I’m surprised at the number of other bloggers who happily post darling photos of their kiddos. Now, I’d probably not think twice about it if I had well-trained guard dogs, the property encircled with a 12-foot cement wall, and that topped with electrified razor wire. Is that extreme? I don’t, however, have these defensive precautions (yet), but I’m thinking about the possibility of posting photos of my angels (you already know what hubby looks like). No names, of course, which is sad, because they’re such great names. Perhaps a happy medium can be found in posting older photos?

In case anyone reads this far, what do you think? If you blog, do you post current family photos? Why/why not?