Have you noticed? The past couple weeks have resulted in comments from Kendra of Preschoolers and Peace, AND her very funny dentist hubby, “Fletch” of The Mango Times. He jokes about his ‘three readers’. I think that’s more than mine, though. 🙂 Oddly enough, I know I’ve never commented at The Mango Times, and maybe once, ages ago at Preschoolers and Peace. I read them frequently, though, so maybe they have one of those magic internet tracking devices or something, and they know who visits. I want one of those. To see if I really do have three readers or not. So, the odd part is that they know. The amazing part is that they clicked here and left a comment. Do you suppose a mother or father of seven (I think) kids does that a lot? Takes time to say ‘congratulations on your cute baby’ or ‘thanks for the link, and we multiply, not add’? *I’m* blessed, for sure. Whether they do that a lot or not. Don’t tell Fletch that I think fluoride is evil, though. That, combined with my reference to ‘crazily-huge homeschooling families’ might prompt him to delete his comment (can you do that? I bet he can. Probably has a magic internet comment-deleter) and that would be devastating to my blog-comments-by-celebrities stats.