I’m getting quite impatient and somewhat annoyed. Is that odd? I’m doing my stairs, and cat-curl exercises, and thinking laborious thoughts, and…. nothing. I think I might stay like this forever. But then again, HOW LONG CAN A MAMA WALK AROUND DILATED TO 3 CM??? I’ve run out of one of my little dropper-thingy herbs, and I really don’t want to spend another $15 to get me thru the end of this. I will call the midwife (she’ll probably grab her stuff and head for the door when she sees my number) and ask about that, and also if there’s anything to do that would be reasonable to deal with this.

I really don’t want to have this baby tomorrow. Tomorrow is my neice’s 3rd birthday, and our family already shares Hubby’s birthday with his little sister’s husband. I don’t want to have two birthdays to worry about planning around. I guess I’m selfish.

I ran into some other relatives while doing errands on Thursday. One of which has 5 children, most all grown. She asked about things, and as she turned to leave she referenced her Secret Medical Knowledge (without sharing, of course) with, “I’m a nurse. I never let myself go over my due date.” I’ve decided it’s a good thing I ran into her on Thursday and not today. I’m sure I couldn’t help but utter some wicked thing, like, “well, how sad you weren’t happy to wait on the Lord” or even give her a black eye. Not that I’m exactly content to wait on the Lord, either, obviously, but that would not be the point.

My mom, who came a day early after hearing the midwife’s update, is fielding phone calls from far away, only to say, “no, nothing yet.” I’m so glad they’re calling her and not me. It would be frustrating to attempt to give a black eye to someone 700+ miles away.

I guess I’ll go do some laundry and get some tomatoes put up. Hubby revamped the chicken house and locked the chickens back up, so hopefully we’ll be able to find some eggs and the tomatoes will have more than a hollow shell left. Speaking of annoyance.