Okay, so maybe that’s overstating it. We’re NOT talking about the Unknown Baby. We’re not even talking about the pets, or the new chickens. Something a lot more handy than the pets, I’m sure. And a lot less destructive to my cucumber plants than the chickens.

What could it be?

The Mixer! I am very pleased, of course. Now if only my energy matched my joy, I could bake up a pile of bread. I DID test it out with a huge batch of cookie dough… none of which managed to get baked, partly due to the climate when I mixed it up, and partly due to my habit of eating cookie dough until it disappears. Which I am not *totally* responsible for. I gave a couple quart ziplocs full to friends, of course. They can bake and heat up their homes. It’s the best cookie dough. I’ll post a recipe someday. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. And relatively healthy too, fresh ground grains, lots of oats, eggs, rapadura and sucanat to sweeten. Yes. Good for you. Good for me. Anyways, the mixer. I’m still waiting on a few checks in the mail, but they’re from Good People, so I’m not worried. And hopefully they’re loving their super-affordable Mary Kay stuff. Of course, with the mixer I bought some great stainless loaf pans. I can’t very well have a mixer to knead several loaves if I can’t cook those loaves, can I? And in my quest to avoid Alzheimer’s and other nasty things, I avoid nonstick cookware religiously. I got some fancy yeast, and unbleached parchment paper, also some teeny-tiny measuring spoons. Which are handy for measuring out Stevia into things. Turns out a “smidgen” is appropriate for most things we’ve needed to sweeten. After all, once I qualified for the free shipping, I might as well get those little things I might never be willing to pony-up the added freight expense for.

I’ve still got a pile of Mary Kay to divest myself of, if any readers are In Need. Although, don’t even bother asking about Microdermabrasion. It’s gone. Free shipping, 40% off, and that includes tax. Plus, the MK guarantee. Not like the stuff on ebay. Lotion and fragrance that smells “nasty” according to one desperate buyer. Tsk tsk, like God’s protection disappearing when we choose disobedience, so too does the MK guarantee when we buy from anonymous auctioneers.

Okay, maybe that’s not an exact scripture quote, but…