Cream is the crop, more like. I’m swimming in it.

Actually, if I had black maternity clothes, I’d be wearing them for mourning. In the shade, anyway.

My dearly beloved milk supply is becoming nonexistent this Tuesday. Let me tell you, it is a travesty indeed. This milk is organic, completely grass-fed, and the only milk my midwife would approve. It’s not just that it’s going to be processed at a different place by different people (which is what we thought would be the case). It sounds as though the dairyman may just sell it on the wholesale market to one of those big terrible milk-making places. As far as I know it would then be treated as and lumped in with all the other hormone-laden, steroid-laced, e. coli-ridden (grain, you know), antibiotic-infused milk from any nasty confinement operation. These are assumptions, and I don’t know any details, other than I better get it ‘while the gettin’s good’. Which I’m doing. Hence the bootleg cream, too. So, how to make this stuff last? The cream is good in the fridge MAYBE a week or so… unless it’s frozen as ice cream. Oh yes, and lots of it. Except now I’m running out of honey, maple syrup, and sucanat. *sigh* And egg yolks. But as soon as the hens lay a few (and we find them), I’m back at the food processor developing new and interesting recipes, none of which are churning well. Most of them churn for an hour and still look like soup. Tastey soup. I freeze it anyway. Could be that I”m using pickling salt instead of rock salt. Ran out of that too. Raspberry ice cream, peach ice cream, chocolate, and now mocha. Let me tell you, I think that one is going to be very fine. I haven’t tasted a frozen version, but the soupy stage was worth downing a glass. As I drank it, I thought how I’d probably be consuming fewer calories if I just downed the same amount of melted butter. I made 2 batches of mocha. I still have 3 gallons of cream, 6 peaches, and a few eggs, but I need to get some sweetener asap.

And hubby is going to have a HUGE egg-white omelet for dinner.