Another scorcher, but my late load of laundry should dry on the line before bedtime. I hope, anyway.

We retrieved Trudy today, in a somewhat different state than last we dealt with her. An enjoyable state (for us), I’m sure, but definitely different. We had her hams cured this time, nitrates and all because my get-up-and-brine-and-smoke just isn’t in gear yet. In fact, not much was in gear today. I did manage to do 4 or 5 loads of laundry, including BOTH tablecloths that had been spilled on. I haven’t yet managed to find the clear finish to put the final layer on the table, so have been somewhat paranoid and very careful of it. If the girls spill milk, the tablecloth gets replaced. We were using a quilt for a tablecloth before the wash dried today… I also washed some dishes and swept and spot-cleaned the kitchen and dining room – even enlisted the girls with windexed-rags to find spots on the floor to mop up. We have lots of spots. And we spot-cleaned some of the lower cupboard doors, which always seem to need it.

What else? Little Monkey napped, Big Sister had quiet time, and I’m afraid I only managed to lie down for 6 minutes. The yogurt needed attending, there were eggs in the heat that needed collected, laundry to change on the line, things like that. I am grateful for enough leftover spaghetti and mashed-sweet-potatoes that dinner wasn’t too difficult. I spent that prep time assembling a potato salad I started 2 days ago. At least the potatoes were sufficiently cooled so as to not mess up the mayo. God bless the Spare Fridge.

We continued reading the first book in the Moody Family series; I really do like and recommend those if you want read-aloud books (or even independent reading if your child can) that really exhibit things worthy of mimic. And mimic my kids will.

Little Monkey opened the rabbit cage at an untold hour earlier today. When it was discovered we had a merry chase to get her back in. Although, truth be told, I’m not sure how merrily a very-pregnant lady can chase a rabbit in 90+ degree weather. I’m just glad we don’t have neighbors near enough to observe our antics sometimes.

I am glad to say that I have consistently been reading the bible lately. Every day, several times. The girls have memorized a few verses, most notably; “Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. Col. 3:20”. I am hoping at some point to have a very consistent family bible time, for little scripture memorization is great, but if they don’t see the importance of the Word in their parents’ lives, children will not regard it as highly. Another habit I’ve changed is my listening tastes. For some time I’ve had the local talk radio station on during the day, and I’ve stopped that for a while. I enjoy it, I like the mental challenge and experience it offers, but for now I’m finding more fruit in laying that down and focusing entirely on my obvious callings. My peace is increased, and my focus is more on the eternal things (amindst the mundane, of course). The Preschoolers and Peace Blog has a great post today about joy, especially in the midst of parenting and home management challenges.

Speaking about other blogs, Large Family Logistics posted a picture of their most recent miracle. And miracle he is. I’m sure they would be grateful for any prayers offered up on their behalf as well. What a story, too! If you have time, read their last few blogs, in reverse order. They already had 8 children and this last one came upon them suddenly, to say the least.

Well, the girls reported to me a bit ago that a broiler chick (as yet not butchered) had escaped. I’m sure they got it replaced in it’s home, but now it is my turn to replace my escaped children to their home.