Sometimes things just don’t work out. Spring is notorious for being windy (and ruining my early garden attempts), and this time is no different. is telling me the high will be 51 today, with winds “occasionally gusting over 40 mph”. Occasionally? Over 40? Please don’t make me laugh. Yesterday evening the wind blew our tight-fitting window screen 6 feet into the bedroom. I have been up half the night wondering if the house will ever stop moving, and whether all the thumps and bumps I hear are slabs being blown off the house, or debris smacking into it. If the chickens spread their wings to fly out of their pen, I’m sure they’ll be laying eggs in the next county. I’m surprised the tarp over the broiler chicks is even hanging on (though only by a thread). There is a 60% chance of rain. This is supposed to continue into tomorrow. I’m not much for this. My balance is already getting haywire with this huge belly (and not even 6 months yet!!), and this wind will knock me head over teakettle for sure.

On the upside, if I do manage to get anything else in the ground today, I can get through the weekend without worrying about watering through the heat. I could put off the irrigation stuff until I get back. If there’s anything left to water. I’m mostly worried about the plants; I started from seed types that I can’t just go pick up at the local greenhouse, so if they’re gone, they’re gone. I’ve been praying for mercy upon them.

Maybe I’ll get a toilet or two scrubbed, anyway.