Today is Thursday, Town Day on our weekly calendar. The day I go into the huge metropolis that is getting worse and worse with crowding (40,000 people now, I hear!) to brave the streets and stores and Costco Wholesale. This was also payday, which is usually a rougher Town Day than the non-payday Thursdays. We were out of here by 10 in order to go to the bank, get gas, and make it to the midwife’s by 11. We were early. Which is not generally good, as entertaining the girls in public is a hit-or-miss proposition. Today it was a little of each. They weren’t climbing the walls or splashing in the outdoor fish pond, but they weren’t completely the ladies I’d asked them to be either.
The appointment was brief, perhaps due to the extra patients in the room? I haven’t been drinking my tea like I should, and the pee will tell! Plus, it’s been warmer and I guess I need to up my water intake too. The baby’s heartbeat was hard to find; he kept moving and avoiding the dopplar. She finally pushed on my belly to move him over and we heard it. The bad news: there was a trace of protein in my urine, so we need to watch that. My bp was fine though. The really bad news: I’ve gained 9 lbs this last 4 weeks! I zeroed that scale 3 times to make sure, and it showed the same each time. I’m only 23 weeks and I feel like I’m 8 months. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage 4 more months of this! Back off all the homemade raw ice cream, I guess… She scheduled my appointments thru till the end of the pregnancy, and I’m thinking… “Will I be able to get out of the house by 10 in August when I’m twice this big, and it’s 100 degrees out???” It’s been pushing 90 lately, which is mostly nice.
I made a couple stops after that and then headed for Costco. It does not work to eat a chicken caesar salad while steering your cart and talking on your cell phone. At least not when the kids are getting mustard all over. I got a coupon flyer a bit ago so today stocked up on soap, calcium, toothpaste, toothbrushes, Q-tips, and other spendy items. The tomato sauce was a great deal though; the coupon was for $2 off, and regularly it was $4.39 for a dozen cans. I bought 4 cases at $2.39 each. It was nice to pass by the cream cheese, sour cream, and mozzarella, though. As I picked up a brick of mild cheddar, I told it, “just wait, as soon as I get some cheese wax, a press, and a place of 85% humidity and 55 degrees to age things forever, I won’t be buying you either!” I thought about the imported (and therefore guaranteed rBGH-free) Irish cheddar, but it was $5/lb and that’s a little steep. Besides, I’ve been invited to bring a not-organic pasta salad to a birthday party this weekend, and I’m not putting aged Irish cheddar into a salad of white noodles and store-bought mayo. I barely managed a last stop at a busy supermarket to pick up a few of hubby’s diet foods. Thankfully, Little Monkey fell asleep on the way home. Of course, she’s awake now, and the trunk remains full of non-perishables. I’ll get to it eventually. Really I will.