This past Tuesday was Kitchen Day, of course, but it didn’t work out like last week’s. I acquired the usual Tuesday things: Kinda Local Organic milk (with an extra blessing of cream!), and then got an early start on some other dinner items.
Namely 40 day-old cornish cross chicks, which in 8 weeks will be appropriate table fare. I would like 30 for myself (well, I guess I could share with Hubby and the kids), and that leaves room for a few for a friend and some to accidentally kill, which we managed already. The girls found a dead chick today and promptly brought it in the house to show me. Very nice of them. They’re in my redneck-fashion chick brooder, which once was a large field pig-feeder. About 5 feet tall, and almost that across, it’s lid became the hood (Hubby put a socket for the bulb in the middle) and the walls of it were rearranged to become a circular 2’ high wall or so, about 8’ across. It does the job nicely.

The hens seem to be laying sporadically, perhaps based on the weather. One day we had 23, the next, 14. We have at least one hen that will crack and eat an egg, but we’re not sure what to do with her (or if it’s more than one). It doesn’t seem to happen every day.

Thursday we went to town and did errands, including buying a small locking file cabinet to put the “school stuff” in. Little Monkey has a hard time understanding that “school stuff” is only for “school time” and not to be drug around the house “all the time”. I would like to keep the special-ness from wearing off too soon. Hubby let me go to town to get the file cabinet and make a trip to Costco without removing 3 bags of feed from the trunk, which made situating our purchases interesting!

I also made three triple batches of ice cream on Thursday. Blueberry, Chocolate, and Strawberry. With the 2 birthdays coming up, and my reluctance for store-bought poison, I thought I better take care of business before my sweet cream turned to sour cream. And it DID help me use up 21 egg yolks. Now to determine a “cake”. Perhaps the oatmeal cake I make for breakfast sometimes?

The kids and I are leaving town for a day to visit Gi-gi and stuff.

I had to abandon my post for a while; Little Monkey got into daddy’s coffee beans and strew them from one end of the living room to the other end of the dining room. Not a small area. We cleaned that up and fed the critters in time for Big Sister to whack Little Monkey with a broom and she came in dripping a bloody nose all over. So we’re a bit late to leave town, but we’re going!