My littlest will be 3 in less than 2 weeks. Amazing. Hubby turns 29 next week, 5 days before her birthday. She is truly his little girl, I’m afraid…

Hubby was one of those kids everyone worried about. Diagnosed with ADD or whatever the fad was, and always into some kind of trouble; intentional or otherwise. I recall a story of some relative (great uncle or somesuch) showing up in the neighborhood to show off his brand new, shiny Lincoln. Everyone gathered ’round to admire it, and then headed into Hubby’s grandparents’ home… Everyone except Hubby. Hubby got an idea. He retrieved the garden hose, which had a sprinkler-attachment on it, and carefully placed it in the center of the interior of the new Lincoln, and headed for the faucet. An uncle snatched him up right before he got the job done, thankfully, but that was pretty typical for him. And yes, he has red curly hair.

Little Monkey doesn’t have red hair, but it’s VERY curly. Curly and golden, like an angel. She even has those rosy cherubic cheeks and sparkling brown eyes, but behind the image of innocence lies her daddy’s mischievousness. Yesterday she found time to move all of my non-hanging pots and lids to the family room. She arranged them on the coffee table, and got a large restaurant-style stainless spoon and the 3 pound tub of Smart Balance. She scooped the margarine into each pot and lid, and stirred briskly. Then abandoned the cooking trial for something else. Today we can’t find my 5 year old’s pants. I mean, we know where yesterday’s mud and grass-stained ones are (in the laundry), but as for the rest of them, we have no idea. ALL the pants from her drawer are missing. Little Monkey can’t seem to recall where she put them, though she has admitted to taking them from the drawer. I have checked everywhere – everywhere! Toy boxes, closets, under beds, in the washer, bathroom drawers, kitchen cupboards… To no avail. On Saturday she dumped out a 3-gallon bucket full of chicken feed. Just because. And last week she opened one of my popcorn tins – this one full of barley – and scooped the contents out of the tin and into the silverware drawer and dishtowel drawer. After that she took what she could carry into the family room. I’m grateful for my high-powered, bagless Dyson vacuum! Which reminds me, the girls shattered the square glass thing that covers their bedroom light earlier, and I have yet to clean that up…

I ordered a math curriculum for our 5-year-old and we started it on Friday. Thursday (Town Day!) I found everything I needed to complete the manipulatives set in a science/toy shop in town. I’m glad to see she isn’t behind, though we haven’t used any formal curriculum up to this point. The calendar time is new, but she’s catching on to that, and we’ve done 20 lessons in 4 days (yes, she even wanted to do it Saturday and Sunday). It’s a great homeschool math curriculum, very scheduled and organized. Which is helping me make homeschooling a regular part of our routine. I’m also adding a word a day to a list of words to recognize. She knows the letter sounds and can read simple words, but this will help her, I’m hoping. As for Little Sister, well, she enjoys playing with the pattern blocks and linking cubes, but I need to order her preschool toys from LFL so she can have her own “schoolwork”. And a locking cabinet for everything.

The weather has been wet. I’d think I was back in Western Washington if i didn’t know better. Yesterday and Saturday were rain all day; either downpour or drizzle. Hubby looked for the spots to replace the shingles blown off by the windstorm last week but couldn’t find where they came from… so far no leaks that I can tell. It’s supposed to be better tomorrow, though.

The peas aren’t dead after all… I see a few popping up finally. Don’t know if they’ll ever make it to maturity, but I hope so! Sixteen eggs yesterday; too many for me. I think I have 7 dozen in the fridge. We’ve been giving them away, but I think they’re up to regular size, so perhaps I’ll put up a sign. I need to do something. They’re as good or better than the organic eggs Fred Meyer sells for $3.00/dozen, so I’m thinking about $2.50 would be appropriate. I need to find out if I can back my car up to the farmer’s market sometime and sell them from my trunk. Maybe sell some chickens…?

Baked bread today, did (am doing) laundry, and put away the turkey/barley soup. I shouldn’t be this tired! Little One crawled into the bed behind me and put herself to nap, so that quiets things down a bit! Tomorrow I think I’ll buy 30 chicks.