Hopefully today will be a good day for us, but Zeke’s butcher will be here within a couple hours, so maybe we should’ve named him Julius. Still no word from the breeder. I think I will send a letter and his registration papers at a later date.

Had my first appointment with the midwife yesterday. Went very well. Though she tells me I shouldn’t eat pork. Figures. The day before the butcher arrives! I asked if I could eat my own pork, sans hormones, antibiotics, and the like, and she grudgingly allowed me once a week. With the comment that, “you know, eating pork is about as close as you can get to eating human flesh.” I didn’t bother to say that if I were really really hungry, and there was unused human flesh around, I would probably eat it. So hubby’s naturopath wants him off beef (that freezer is mine now, I guess) and mine wants me off pork, so menu planning is going to get really crazy around here. On a better note, however, she did a little voodoo and stretching and fixed my chronically painful hip! That in itself is worth the whole prenatal/delivery charge. It was out of place, I guess. Which she “knew” intuitively before I explained the details. Hmmm… And no extra charge for the psychic diagnosis. She also thinks this one will be a boy! What an unusual o.b. visit, I must say.

Oh, I am supposed to avoid cow’s milk, but when I asked about my favorite organic grass-fed kind, she said that was ok, as long as I didn’t overdo it. And to keep from having more giant babies, I must avoid sugar. BUT – honey, sorghum, real maple syrup, and evaporated cane juice is a-ok, so this won’t be so bad (as long as I don’t get too fat). Now to find some chocolate chips made with butter and cane juice. Hmm…

I need to go read the Storey’s Guide to Raising Chicks to my chickens. Why do none of my livestock know how they’re supposed to be? Pigs don’t respect electric fencing as quick as I thought they would, and whichever of the 26 hens is laying doesn’t know she’s to do it very early in the morning before I get up. It’s not like I’m out there at 6:00 a.m. either. I’m usually to their place by 9:30 or so, but the little teeny egg isn’t there until afternoon, perhaps. And they’re all the same age; perhaps my little layer sits closer to the light in the evenings? She’s been laying for a week, and no sign of any more than just the one.

Warming up again today!