Let me clarify: Though this greenery is housed in a plastic baggie, it is NOT the same prenatal greenery my mother admitted to using while pregnant with me. She never answered my questions as to the pain of labor, because, in her words, she “couldn’t remember” (said with a smirk on her face). I have long known that I have a wonderful excuse for any insanity I may exhibit. I do not have to be responsible for any word or action I ever commit! What a wonderful pass-card! Thanks mom (too bad I haven’t had a chance to use it)! Rest her soul, she passed away almost 7 years ago, about 2 1/2 weeks after my wedding.
This is a prenatal ‘tea’, prescribed by a midwife. It is a combination of nettle, comfrey, alfalfa, and raspberry leaf. It is supposed to keep cravings at bay and such. If I took it every day like I’m supposed to, perhaps I could tell you if it works. What I need is a tea that dampens those hormonal emotions. Perhaps that’s why my mother preferred… never mind. I’d like to go on record here and now that I have never, EVER inhaled that other type of greenery, nor touched or seen it, to my knowledge. Call me sheltered (clueless, more likely). I should be more stoic, this go-round, but perception IS reality, and even when I know I’ll look back on these times and shake my head at the intensity and acuteness of what I feel, it still seems pretty real when it happens. And perhaps pregnancy lends itself toward a deeper focus on family and support than is usual.

But since the family I want and need is not available to me, I shall continue, with renewed effort, to be the kind of family I lack. Both to my own children as they grow, and to others who will receive it. My prayer is that God will make the connections for us that will glorify Him in our lives and in others’.

It’s supposed to be near 70 today!