Happy Valentine’s Day!

If I can manage it, I might make a delicious cake for the occasion. Just what we all need.
It has lately come to my attention that I’m not as unique or creative as I thought. An old friend of mine (who likes to jaunt about Asia) sent me some pictures that really put me in my place. This is a really good thing. We can’t improve until we know there is room for improvement. We can’t aspire to be better or more efficient until we see the possibility of such. Well, now I see the possibility. I thought carrying 3 piglets in my trunk was fairly unique. Now I see the folly of my ways. Here is proof:

I don’t know if you can tell, but that is three FULL-GROWN porkers on a moped. Leah Luher took this, and the next one. The others are from unknown sources. Now, these pigs might well already be dead. I’m not sure. It’s hard to tell. Perhaps they’re paralyzed with fear and dread or maybe just hog-tied.

This is one I never thought about. A passenger, certainly, but not a … water buffalo? Maybe it’s just a cow of the vietnamese race. Hard to say; I don’t usually view them from this angle.
I don’t suppose a ten-hour trip would be appropriate for this kind of piglet-transport, but when hubby gets that old Honda CL360 going, maybe he’ll let me retrofit for such projects? Of course, with Zeke’s latest issue, we might not have to worry about transporting piglets. But the chickens are doing well, so perhaps we should keep in mind the next picture when I have surplus eggs to get to the farmer’s market? I must admit, though, that this gentleman is not wearing a helmet, and while I respect his right to risk his life, I don’t know that I can respect the girly shoes some of these guys are sporting.

This one is worthy of some perusing. I do believe these birds are alive and maybe enjoying this trip. Well, maybe not enjoying. But if they were dead, their heads and wings would be dragging the pavement, for sure. Around here you can’t reasonably sell live poultry at the farmer’s market, so I’m not sure you’ll see me astride a poultry-mobile.
The next one is very comforting to me. I see that we should never need a minivan. Obviously, if we have even 3 kids, (and quit making valentine cake) we should be able to get from point A to point B getting 60 miles per gallon or more. Though I suppose we’d need to manufacture some of those pig-crates if we want to get home from costco.

This one I just had to throw in there. Aside from the obvious peculiarity, WHY would one need to transport a dead shark (I THINK it’s a shark)? Do we eat these? Mount for display? Scare the neighborkids? Maybe scare the neighborkids. That’s what I’d do.